In 1984
Steve Kiwus
quit his job as a toy
designer to try his hand
at being a toy sculptor. This
was the birth of Eightball
Studios. Since then Eightball
Studios has become one of
the premier sculpture studios
in the toy industry. In that
time we have created over
1600 sculptures that have
become toys.

We are adept at sculpting any category of toy: preschool, dolls, even Happy Meals, but our specialty
is male-oriented action figures. Our work ranges from one-piece maquettes to a Spider-man with
32 points of articulation.

Starting from just a photograph, if needed, we supply a fully articulated finished pattern. All of the characters are sculpted with an understanding of the engineering parameters of the final toolmaking
and at the same time a level of detail unsurpassed in the toy industry.

While we typically sculpt using the classic toy technique of a clay rough working to a finished wax, more and more we are being asked to start with a digital output, add the details and do the final finishing. In any case, we then create a set of rubber molds and resin multiples. We can also supply paint masters if needed.

We work with smaller collector oriented companies like Dark Horse Comics and Mirage Toys and big
companies like Toy Biz, Hasbro, Jakks Pacific, Mattel and McFarlane, to name just a few. If the project is
intriguing we also take on commissions for individuals.

If you need it on time and drop-dead gorgeous, there’s nobody better.

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